Gregg Davenport FCCA


Gregg Davenport has over 15 years of experience, spending the majority of these within a Top 10 accountancy firm. While managing a diverse client portfolio, Gregg has management responsibilities within the Aldridge office at BK Plus. 

Gregg is known by all his clients for having a friendly, approachable manner, timely advice and full range of services covered. These services include taking responsibility for clients, dealing with all accounts, tax and advisory matters, being their trusted advisor when called upon, but also proactively working with clients to meet deadlines and maximise tax efficiency. On top of this, he is assisting in building and shaping the future for BK Plus, including the management of internal processes and staff. 

As shown above, Gregg provides a proactive and tailored service to owner-managed businesses. For his clients he gives specific advice regarding business structures, cash extraction, business support, management support surrounding their figures, and enabling timelier and better-informed business decisions to be made.