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Helping you make the most of your property assets is our goal.

At BK Plus, our focus is on building strong client relationships in addition to our expertise in property tax and accounting. We embrace working directly with our clients to help them expand their real estate agency or property company.

We are mindful of the volatility of the property industry and the difficulties it faces due to ongoing legislative changes and shifting market circumstances. 

We have considerable experience in the field to understand the daily financial and tax issues that property businesses have, spanning from financing to intricate tax regulations.

What you can expect for us

  • Restructuring
  • Back-office accounting
  • Capital Allowances
  • Property and debt transactions
  • VAT advisory
  • Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) advice
  • Demergers and disposals

Friendly, Impartial, Informed

BK Plus has the knowledge and expertise in the area of property tax and accounting to assist you in submitting your taxes in a timely and correct manner. There is no longer a need to dread accounting or even property tax season when you have our expert property accountants on your side!


Do you have any questions about BK Plus and our services? You may be able to find the answer to your question by looking at some of our frequently asked questions.

Do I still have to pay stamp duty when buying a property through a limited company?

Yes, and the 3% stamp duty extra will apply to your business (which is common to most buy-to-lets). For limited companies, this applies to all acquisitions, however for personally held properties it only applies to the second and subsequent properties you purchase.

Do I have to pay capital gains tax when selling a property from a limited company?

Although it’s not officially known as capital gains tax, when you sell a property from a limited business, you must pay tax on the gain. In the case of a limited company, you pay corporation tax on any profit you make when you sell a property.

How do I buy a property through my limited company?

For the most part, the procedure is similar to that of purchasing a personal home. In order to secure a mortgage for a limited business, you’ll need to notify your solicitor that your company will be purchasing the property and has to be registered as such. Both of these processes are easy to carry out.

I currently own a rental property, am I able to transfer it to my limited company?

Despite the fact that it’s technically possible, it’s usually not financially feasible with only one or two properties. Since most of the time, you will have to will need to sell the property and your limited company will need to acquire it. 
As a result, you may be subject to personal capital gains tax on the sale of the property and stamp duty on the acquisition of the property.

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