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£3000 Cash Boost For New Apprentices

From the 1st June 2021 onwards, companies of all sizes in England are able to apply for additional funding to support them taking on new apprentices, which has been described as the ‘latest drive to revolutionise the skills and training offer across the country’ by the Department for Education.

This is a part of the ‘Plan For Jobs’ incentive, which increases the opportunities given to young people to help them find employment. This incentive is especially supportive and beneficial to the younger generation, as the recent crisis has lead them to struggle to find work to develop their skills and experience.

Employers are able to claim £3000 for new apprentices, who were hired from the 1st April 2021 to 30th September 2021, and the employers are allowed to choose how they spend this cash. For example, you may choose to use this cash boost to cover your apprentice’s travel costs, or costs for their required uniform/equipment.

This cash boost is paid to employers as well as the funding already made available to them by the Government for their apprentice’s training and assessments.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak said: “Young people have been hit especially hard by the crisis – which is why our Plan for Jobs launched last year is focused on helping them get the skills they need to get the jobs they want. By boosting the cash incentives for our apprenticeship scheme we’re improving opportunities for young people to stay in and find work – this could not be more important in our economy’s recovery.”

To apply for the £3000 cash boost, click here.

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