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HMRC The Post Backlog Mountain!

HMRC – “We are now working through the stocks of post that built up over the past year.”

Sometimes our clients express their frustration when we cannot answer their queries straight away or we tell them that HMRC claim not to have received documents that we have submitted on their behalf. We completely understand your frustration!

Rest assured, our intention is always to give our clients the best possible service but when dealing with HMRC as agents, we are dealing with poor call response times and their post backlog which often prevents us from giving the service we want to.

A recent letter to all agents from Jim Harra explains the situation, the subtext is that the problem is huge and longstanding.

In short, HMRC trialled the closure of telephone helplines on Fridays in December in order to work on clearing a post backlog, with some success,  “On average, we cleared more than 4,000 additional pieces of post each day during the test and learn.” As the letter indicates though, this scheme also caused a surge in calls on Mondays.

HMRC plan to execute more of these closures throughout March and April which whilst attempting to tackle one problem – the post backlog – will inevitably create another in unanswered helplines.

Read the full letter from Jim Harra, Chief Executive and First Permanent Secretary HMRC here

So, if one of our tax advisors tells you that, in dealing with your query, we have not had a response from HMRC, please try not to shoot the messenger. We will always do our absolute best to resolve your tax matters as quickly and efficiently as possible, against the odds!

Let’s hope that things improve going forward, and don’t forget, we are here to help! 0121 794 2289

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