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Getting Help to Deal with the Rising Cost of Living

Getting Help to Deal with the Rising Cost of Living

In these uncertain times with inflation at 7% and rising, the economy still recovering from the pandemic and the impact of the conflict in Ukraine, we are all, to some degree, anxious about our financial security.

We all have busy lives, but if you can make some time to review your situation, you may find there is help available to improve your situation.

There are 3 places to look for help:

  • The state benefits system
  • Charitable grants applicable to your postcode area
  • Your local council

State Benefits – if you are a foster caring family, remember that fostering income is disregarded when assessing household income for state benefits.

Means tested benefits allow households or individuals to have savings of up to £6000, between £6000 and £16,000 there is a sliding scale of entitlement and if your savings are over £16,000 you have no entitlement to means tested benefits.

So, if you are a fostering household whose savings are within the allowable limits and your ONLY income is from fostering you will be entitled to claim universal credit and council tax relief (and housing benefit if you live in rented property – under universal credit housing benefit is called “housing cost element”)

If you have other income coming into your household (from employment /other self-employment) it is still worth checking your eligibility to benefits although your entitlement will be reduced.

Call our team on 0121 794 2289 or e-mail tax@intellectbiz.com for help

Charitable Grants – You may be surprised at the grants available in your postcode area, out of interest, I put my details into a grant finder on the Turn2us website https://grants-search.turn2us.org.uk and found 9 potential grants available in my area.

If you have sorted your state benefits situation and are in receipt of state benefits this may well boost your entitlement to charitable grants. It is worth a quick search online.

Household Support Fund – The government has made £1 billion available to local councils to help vulnerable families – 50% of this money is ring fenced for families with children.

Applicants need to be over 16 years of age (some councils insist applicants are over 18 years of age.)

Councils have discretion regarding using the fund money, for example Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council is giving out vouchers of up to £200 to use in specific shops.

You have to prove that you need the grant to receive it. Some councils are only giving funds to people who are in receipt of benefits – another good reason to ensure you are getting the right state benefits.

Again, I Googled my district council, entered Household Support Fund and the relevant details came up – so please give it a go!!

I do hope this helps you. If you are anxious about your finances, please do give us a call and we will help you as much as we can. Call our team on 0121 794 2289 or e-mail tax@intellectbiz.com

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