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Continued Growth At BK Plus

After 9 months of trading, BK Plus grow the team yet again. Steven Kuhn joins to lead Client Technology services, having previously worked with both David and Shaun for several years at Baldwins (now known as Azets) where he helped transition the business from traditional to digital.

Steven is a specialist in technology solutions, working with clients to look at their software with a holistic approach, developing systems with the integration and implementation of software from some of the largest providers and partners to facilitate growth and increase in productivity.

Shaun Knight said “Digital transformation is important in any business but so is understanding the bare bones of what makes a business tick, providing a strong advisory service with localised knowledge is crucial now more than ever and we have bought Steven in to help us find that balance between the two for our clients.”

Now Steven has joined BK Plus, he will be working alongside clients to help streamline systems and processes in order to allow them gain back their valuable time and to meet current and future legislative changes. Steven makes sure that his clients receive the most effective solutions possible, meeting their needs every time as no singular solution fits all.

With an advisory background to the software industry, where Steven has helped various suppliers set their development roadmap, this now places BK Plus as a key account for the largest technology suppliers in the UK.

Steven has extensive experience and knowledge working with and implementing digital, ERP and CRM products, bringing with him the very best experience and a trusted network.

David Baldwin said, “Steven has helped so many clients over the years in working with them to understand the problems that they have with their software, providing them with the solutions that they need to be able achieve business KPIs effectively whilst maintaining controls”

Steven said “Having worked with both David and Shaun in my previous role, I knew that there was so much that I would be able to bring to their clients after having achieved so much previously. With BK Plus being in the growth and building phase of the business life cycle this gives me the opportunity to help both clients and business digitise both legislatively and operationally.”

If you would like to find out more about how Steven could support your business please do get in touch.