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Working with SME, OMB, and Entrepreneurial businesses for more years than we care to mention! We always have your interests at heart and consistently pride ourselves on this. Having supported thousands of businesses over the years from the conception of an idea, sourcing funding/investments to kickstart your business all the way to developing strategic growth plans or exit strategies. We ensure that each and every business has the right support tailored to you and your needs.

David Baldwin & Shaun Knight formed BK Plus to give businesses the support that they need.  With their proven track record their passion is evident in this new venture.

We have a team of people that can support you and your business, no matter what stage your business is at or the situation you are in. These unprecedented times have forced businesses into situations that they have never experienced before.

You can feel confident that with BK Plus, you know you’re getting knowledge and experience plus a whole lot more to help you achieve your vision and aspirations.


Recognising each business and individual are unique, we are confident in advising you with informed solutions every step of the way.


We’re at the forefront of industry, legislative changes, and technology advances to ensure you always have what you need to run your business.


Keeping you appraised to ensure that the best decisions are made for you and your business.

David Baldwin

Having over 20 years’ experience in running and building my own business, now is the time to create something amazing for our clients and team and going back to the roots of supporting businesses from SMEs to large corporations. I have been responsible for a wide variety of clients in all sectors and of all sizes. Offering businesses personal advice that clients require with the kind of big firm specialism that only a few compete with.

We have a team that can now offer full Corporate Finance Services, Specialist Tax, and a wide range of Business Advisory Services. In these unprecedented times, we see access to funding more important than ever and this is something that we can assist you with. We are passionate about providing the advice that business owners need through one point of contact giving you the reassurance that we are just an addition to your team.

Shaun Knight

Building BK Plus with David is an exciting time, this is our chance to build on the success of what we achieved previously and focus on what matters to businesses like yours.  We want you to feel that we are the addition that you are looking for when needing an advisor.

Over the years we realised the importance of personal relationships and regular direct client contact, and really understanding the bare bones of what makes a business tick.  Sometimes this can be lost, but going back to our roots and really understanding what businesses need to ensure that they are doing everything that they can to make it a success.

Coming from a Banking background and then moving into Corporate Finance before leading a Top 10 accountancy firm as the COO, I have over 20 years’ experience advising owners and managers on buying and selling businesses, raising finance, strategic planning, business restructuring, and conducting buy-outs.

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