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Income Tax Calculator

Need to know how much Income Tax to pay?

Your income tax is paid on your personal earnings using the Income Tax rates and bands set by the UK Government, these can be found here. Find out how much potential Income Tax you may have to pay by using our free to use Income Tax Calculator.

Any of the results shown are purely an estimation and personal circumstances need to be taken into consideration before an accurate estimate can be given, please ensure that you have read our details and assumptions section below. BK Plus accepts no responsibility for any action taken by using our calculator and the results provided. All results should be used as a guide and professional advice should be taken from a qualified accounting professional before taking any action.

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Details & Assumptions

To keep our results simple, we have used the following assumptions to calculate your potential Income Tax liability:

  • You live in England or Wales
  • You are under the age of 65
  • You are a pay as you earn (PAYE) taxpayer and this is your only income
  • You are not self employed or receive state benefits
  • You receive the full standard Personal Allowance as shown here
  • You are not repaying a student loan
  • You do not have any other income streams such as dividends, investments and rental

The UK Standard Personal Allowance is tapered on income over a £100,000. This means If your income is greater than £100,000, your personal allowance is cut by £1 for each £2 you earn above this threshold. At a personal income level of £125,140, your entire personal allowance would have been removed.

You may be able to claim other Income Tax reliefs and pay less Income Tax if you are eligible for them, please visit the Gov.uk website for the available Income Tax reliefs.

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